Force Majeure is both documentary and animation. It draws on a series of interviews with freelance dance artists during the COVID-19 pandemic to tell the story of one fictional person’s experience of dance under lockdown.

A film by Magali Charrier and Simon Ellis
Voiceover: Joanne “Bob” Whalley

Thanks to all the participants of the Dance after Lockdown project, and to Rosa Cisneros, Rowan McLelland, Natasha Player, Jane Chan, Alesandra Seutin, Gillie Kleiman, Marisa Zanotti and Nicholas Keegan.

The script for Force Majeure was developed by Simon Ellis and draws from interviews with freelance dance artists held during the COVID-19 pandemic. These interviews were facilitated by Rowan McLelland as part of the Dance after Lockdown research project at C-DaRE.

CC-BY 2022 | Magali Charrier and Simon Ellis |


  • World Music: l’année 2020 en musique et en images:
  • Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman at Biden inauguration:
  • When a Afro Brazilian dance by Africa Motherland:
  • [TikTok Japan]日本のティックトック|Tiktok ダンス & Hot dance 2019 #1:
  • TUTO HIP HOP l KRISSKROSS by Mickael Bilionniere:
  • Koronakevään jenkka – Lockdown Jenkka | Kansantanssi – Finnish folk dance:
  • Dilbar Dilbar DANCE IN QUA-FUN-TINE | Quarantine – Lockdown Dance:
  • Dance lockdown vibes:
  • Dance | Snigdhita Das | Lockdown Stories | Tripura:
  • Elena Cruz’ ‘Details Choreo’ Shuffle Dance Class on Zoom with Oliver Heldens:
  • Zoom Dance “Stay Home Stay Together”:
  • Michael Dusoe’s Zoom Meeting:
  • Vestaboard Startup Test and Sounds:
  • Flipboard countdown clock:
  • Leaves falling:
  • hand counting money:
  • Image of man’s hand being held by nurse:
  • man sitting on street in blanket by Garry Knight:
  • kitchen dancing sound: